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Woman Has Orgasm Eating Junk Food

A Colorado woman has ballooned to 490 pounds because eating junk food gives her an ­orgasm. Gabi Jones, 25, who has a rare ­condition called persistent genital arousal ­disorder, gorges on high-calorie treats like ice cream and cakes until she has a climax. The 48DDD blonde experienced her first food orgasm in her late teens at […]


Naked Sledging – Saved By A Horse : Quirky,Odd,Strange,Weird News Picks : AFO Online Radio |

Crowds flock to naked sledging event   Competitors have been baring nearly all in the snow in Germany for the naked sledging world championships. Dozens of topless sledgers took part in the event in Braunlage, in front of a record crowd of more than 17,000 spectators. With only crash helmets to protect their heads and […]


Spots on Tut’s Tomb Suggest Burial Was Rushed | King Tut’s Burial, Tomb & Microbes | via LiveScience

  Mysterious Spots on King Tut’s Tomb Suggest Hasty Burial Photo of a wall in Tutankhamen’s tomb, taken in February 2009. CREDIT: Robert Jensen | J. Paul Getty Trust  Mysterious brown spots covering the surfaces of King Tut’s tomb have long puzzled scientists trying to identify them. Now a new study reveals ancient Egyptian microbes […]


Welcome to Astatine’s Quirky Information

Welcome to my new blog. you will see quirkiness, wierdness, and offbeat news from around the world. Just to add to the quirkiness, we’ve chosen to do our posts right on the IDL, and will appear most days  at 06:00 +1200.  That’s usually at 18:00 the day before in London, and even sooner in the US. […]


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