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The Boneyard 2.11

I have a soft spot for sabertooths. I’m not just talking about the formidable cats with long canines from the last 25 million years or so. The “saber-toothed herring” Enchodus; the knobbly-headed uintatheres; funky, herbivorous cousins of ours from a time before there were mammals; and more – I adore them all. No surprise, then, […]


Don’t try this at home: The eye-popping tales of the mad scientists who nearly died in their quest for knowledge: ELECTRIFIED SHEEP

We have all heard of the men in white coats who come and take us away – but what happens when they themselves, the scientists, seem to be losing the plot? The book talked about here, is, ELECTRIFIED SHEEP BY ALEX BOESE  Mad as a hatter: Some scientists went to extraordinary lengths to carry out experiments […]


Nicola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower

Originally posted: February 20th, 2009 via Nicola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower | Junk Worth Knowing. Wardenclyffe Tower in Operation In 1901 construction was started on a tower in Long Island like no other. Designed to send transatlantic radio signals and provide power to nearby businesses without the use of copper lines, the 55 foot tower loomed ominously.  The […]


Alphas’ Heroes Score With Slightly Above-Average Skills

This is a special posting, due to the New Syfy show Alphas depicts a crime-fighting unit composed of slightly above-average teammates.    Azita Ghanizada plays Rachel.  Warren Christie plays Cameron Hicks. Malik Yoba plays Bill Harken. David Strathairn plays Dr. Leigh Rosen. Laura Mennell plays Nina Theroux. Ryan Cartwright plays Gary Bell.   They had […]


Mysterious light burst in sky? Maybe a missile – Technology & science – Science – LiveScience –

A bubble-like burst of light captured on two Hawaii telescopes last week likely has a terrestrial origin, observers say.   Two telescopes in Hawaii caught this mysterious burst in the sky on film. The sight is likely that of a test missile venting fuel in the upper atmosphere. The mysterious phenomenon took place in the […]


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