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Video, Record Breaking Tightrope Walk Attempt Up Germany’s Highest Mountain Without A Balancing Pole | Strange News | Sky News

Record Tightrope Walk Up Cable Car Wire Originally posted:  4:06pm UK, Sunday August 21, 2011 A tightrope walker has made a bid for a new world record by scaling the support cables of a mountain cable car in Germany. Original Post & Video at: Freddy Nock climbed up to the summit of the Zugspitze […]


And We’re Back!!!

OK, Some of my readers noted we were gone for a couple weeks.. We’re back at our one permanent site.. — No more shared blog being hacked. I’ve also changed the whole site design. We are keeping true to the 0600 IDL posts as much as possible!   Ast.  


The violent story of Columbus’ forgotten colony – History –

His first settlement, La Isabela, has been ignored by history — but its short existence reshaped our world Originally BY CHARLES C. MANN   Architect of the Capitol This article is excerpted from the new book, “1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created,” from Knopf. Although it had just finished raining, the air was hot […]


Abbie Smith on vaccines, your immune system and viruses | Code for Life

Here’s a talk for non-scientists about your immune system, viruses and vaccines by Abbie Smith, a graduate student from the University of Oklahoma who writes the ERV blog. (ERV = endogenous retrovirus) She also spends a little time talking about HIV, which she studies. She’s an enthusiastic and natural speaker. (Being a Freethought meeting these […]


Darkest exoplanet spotted by astronomers

A dark alien world, blacker than coal, has been spotted by astronomers. TrES-2b is literally darker, on average, than coal   The Jupiter-sized planet is orbiting its star at a distance of just five million km, and is likely to be at a temperature of some 1200C. The planet may be too hot to support […]


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