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Radioactive Orchestra: Making Music from Nuclear Isotopes

Original Article:  By Maria Popova:   Radioactive Orchestra: Making Music from Nuclear Isotopes | Brain Pickings. Getting excited about excited states, or what Marie Curie has to do with experimental music. In 2011, the need to understand radioactivity glared at us with more urgency than ever, in the face of the Fukushima disaster and continued debates […]


Obama Motorcade Fined In London, US Embassy Now Owes $8 Million In Fines

President Obama took his motorcade through the Central part of London recently and now London Mayor Boris Johnson wants him to pay fines totaling £120 ($195) after the President failed to pay a £10 ($16) congestion levy.     The congestion levy was put in place as a “congestion charge” on Central London drivers from […]


Old, Weird Tech: German Potato Nose-Correcting Contraption

Do you suffer from potato nose or duckbill nose? What you want, like the rest of us, of course, is the Greco-Roman Normal Form. Do you suffer frompotato nose or duckbill nose? Long nose or hook nose? Slant nose or saddle nose? What you really want, like the rest of us, of course, is the […]


The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven, a Book Review

This book is so amazing that I know I cannot do it justice with this review, but I will give it a try. Regardless of your religious beliefs, this New York Times Bestseller should be on your ‘must read this summer’ list.     Six year old Alex Malarkey died in a horrific car accident […]


Student Sues School After Barred From Being Sole Valedictorian

A black Arkansas teen who graduated top of her class is suing her high school for racial discrimination after the principal decided to name a white student with a lower GPA as co-valedictorian. Kymberly Wimberly, 18, told ABC News she always dreamed about being at the top of her class at McGehee High School. “When […]


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