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Glitch Is Flickr Founder’s Quirky, Ambitious Non-Violent Game

Original post:Glitch Is Flickr Founder’s Quirky, Ambitious Non-Violent Game – Forbes. Glitch, launching today from start-up Tiny Speck, is a massively multi-player game, but it’s different from many other MMOs such as World of Warcraft in that it’s not a combat game. It’s a quirky, humorous, non-combat game. But it’s just as ambitious, perhaps more […]


Fleeing driver tells cops to stop chasing him

A US man leading police on a high speed 30-mile chase called 911 to tell pursuing officers they “needed to leave him alone”. The chase began when traffic police tried to pull over the 20-year-old, from Park City, Utah, for speeding, reports Wasatch County Chief Deputy Sheriff Jared Rigby said police gave chase after […]


Diamond thief caught – by x-ray

A thief in Spain who stole a diamond from a British woman – and then swallowed it – was caught when police forced him to undergo an X-ray. The theft happened when two British women entered a restaurant in Marbella and one of them left her handbag on the floor, reports the BBC. “Two well-dressed […]


Parents film girl, 4, driving car

Chinese police say they are powerless to act against the parents of a four-year-old girl who filmed her driving their car. The little girl appeared to be driving at speed, even overtaking several vehicles, during her two minutes behind the wheel. In the clip, which has been uploaded online, the parents, from Jinan, Shandong Province, […]


Man hid snakes down trousers

A man has been arrested at a US airport with seven exotic snakes and three tortoises stuffed down his trousers. Officials at Miami’s international airport found the creatures inside the trousers of a passenger trying to board a flight for Brazil.   The US Transportation Security Administration said the man had seven exotic snakes and […]


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