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Grownups puzzled by Hollister store that keeps shoppers at night

Venturing into a clothes shop beloved by teenagers are frequently like entering a different planet for adults, and the experience is much more bewildering for those dragged directly into Hollister, a US fashion sequence.     The stores are so candlelight that parents have complained regarding tripping over tables, bumping directly into fellow shoppers, and […]


The full English

The mother tongue you thought you knew much like the back of your hand turns out to be a horse of a distinct colour.     English is a appropriate old mishmash of languages, a hotchpotch containing absorbed influences piecemeal from the four corners in the earth and across all your seven seas. The upshot […]


Rare Sumatran tiger cub triplets displayed at Sidney Zoo

The particular two-month-old cubs make their initial public appearance at Taronga zoo. The particular cubs, two male and a single female, have been kept out of public view as yet and will only be put on display for a short while each day as they tire quickly and need a lot of sleep.


Drunk Dad lets 9-year-old drive

A father inside a Detroit made his 9-year-old daughter drive him to some petrol station because he was too drunk to consider the wheel. The van was caught on camera through the station’s CCTV as it pulled to the station around 3 am upon 8 October. The man, recognized as 39-year-old Shawn Weimer, can be […]


Ohio animal escape: police defend shootings

Ohio animal escape: police defend shooting rare species Law enforcement in Ohio have defended their own decision to kill lions, tigers and bears following the exotic zoo animals were deliberately released using their cages.


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