Alphas’ Heroes Score With Slightly Above-Average Skills

This is a special posting, due to the New Syfy show Alphas depicts a crime-fighting unit composed of slightly above-average teammates.

 Cast of Syfy's Alphas

 Azita Ghanizada plays Rachel. 
Warren Christie plays Cameron Hicks.
Malik Yoba plays Bill Harken.
David Strathairn plays Dr. Leigh Rosen.
Laura Mennell plays Nina Theroux.
Ryan Cartwright plays Gary Bell.

They had me at “basal ganglia.”

Early in Syfy’s new series Alphas, ringleader Lee Rosen (played by David Strathairn) explains that one of his crime-fighters can hypnotize strangers on the spot by altering neural connections in others’ brains. When a sci-fi show’s characters carpet-bomb the dialog with $50 technical terms, it’s a sure sign the showrunners will reference some actual science amid the shoot’em-up plot twists.

Co-created by Zak Penn, who wrote X-Men: The Last Stand, Alphas draws from the familiar “exceptional misfits” formula mastered by Marvel Comics mutants and NBC’s dysfunctional crew of canceled Heroes.

The appealing difference: These so-called alphas can’t fly, burst into flames or turn themselves into ice. Instead, they stretch the normalcy bell curve by only a few fairly credible increments. Like Fringe, the show looks like it will use weird science as a jumping-off point for its crime-busting adventurers.

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