Cirque Brings Flying Spider-Woman to Radio City

June 30 (Bloomberg) — Web-scampering arachnids and a high- flying Spider-Woman are prominent in “Zarkana,” Cirque du Soleil’s faltering attempt to lure New York audiences out of the tent and into a theater.

At Radio City Music Hall, there’s no cirque and no soleil. Nightmarish imagery, lots of screeching music and blinding lights add a grating layer of punkish silliness — Cirque’s stock-in-trade — to some heart-in-mouth acts of athletic derring-do.

At one point during the trapeze act, a vaguely female spider-like creature flew overhead, across the vast expanse of Radio City’s gilded orchestra. It wasn’t exactly Spider-Man versus the Green Goblin, though it lasted several minutes longer than the vaunted battle scene playing a few blocks away

via Cirque Brings Flying Spider-Woman to Radio City: Jeremy Gerard – Businessweek.

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