Drunk Dad lets 9-year-old drive

A father inside a Detroit made his 9-year-old daughter drive him to some petrol station because he was too drunk to consider the wheel.

The van was caught on camera through the station’s CCTV as it pulled to the station around 3 am upon 8 October.

The man, recognized as 39-year-old Shawn Weimer, can be observed at the counter with their daughter. He told the clerk which she was driving him around because he’d been drinking.

He is then seen dancing about the petrol station forecourt as he walks to the van with his child.

Police were called after the actual 9-year-old was spotted getting driving while her father got to the passenger seat.

The girl drove a few miles before police pulled the woman’s over.

According to police the 9-year-old was surprised to become stopped. She told police that her father have been drinking whiskey all night and had allowed her they are driving before.

The father, who told officers he was teaching his daughter they are driving, was arrested and refused a good alcohol breath test.

Original Video via Video: Drunk father lets 9-year-old drive – Telegraph.

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