Ohio animal escape: police defend shootings

Ohio animal escape: police defend shooting rare species

Law enforcement in Ohio have defended their own decision to kill lions, tigers and bears following the exotic zoo animals were deliberately released using their cages.

A prominent US crazy animal expert, Jack Hanna said he received telephone calls from the UK, Canada and other parts from the world expressing concern that the rare animals needed to be killed after they were intentionally set free.

Ohio Sheriff’s deputies shot nearly 50 animals all away from home after the owner of the wild-animal park threw open their own cages before killing himself.

Hanna, a former zoo director said he was horrified through the events overnight, which he referred to as “beyond a bad dream”.

With under 1, 400 Bengal tigers within the wild, he said he was distraught to understand that 18 of the species needed to be killed.

“You see our people here give their lives in order to save these animals and when I heard 18 I’m just in disbelief, ” he or she said.

“We are not talking regarding your normal everyday house family pet, these are 300 pound Bengal tigers that we’ve needed to put down. When we obtained here, obviously public safety was my number 1 concern, ” Sherrif Matt Lutz stated, defending the move.

It is not known why who owns the privately run Muskingum Region Animal Farm, Terry Thompson, left the fences unsecured and also the gates open before committing suicide.

After an all-night hunt in Zanesville, at least 30 of the 48 animals that were set free from a local zoo have been killed [Photo: AP]

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