Parents film girl, 4, driving car

Chinese police say they are powerless to act against the parents of a four-year-old girl who filmed her driving their car.

The little girl appeared to be driving at speed, even overtaking several vehicles, during her two minutes behind the wheel.

In the clip, which has been uploaded online, the parents, from Jinan, Shandong Province, kept reminding their daughter to concentrate.

The mother was sitting in the passenger seat, while the father sat behind the girl, who didn’t even wear a safety belt.

At one stage, the girl queued for traffic lights in the wrong lane but managed to manoeuvre the vehicle into the neighbouring lane.

Eventually the father says: “Jia Zheng, stop the car. Let Daddy drive.” He then jumps out of the back and into the driver’s seat, while the girl crawls over to sit on her mother’s knee.

The video shows the parents had fit extensions to the brake and accelerator pedals to allow their daughter to control the car.

Local police spokesman Li Xiaobin revealed that there was very little they could do, under Chinese law.

“Kids absolutely are not allowed to drive,” he said. “However, as for drivers under 14 years old, we can’t give them tickets.

“If we caught them, we could only educate the parents. In the worse scenario, if an accident happened, we could only ask the parents as guardians to compensate the other parties.”

via Parents film girl, 4, driving car | Orange UK.

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