Playful poltergeist Nanny Goony haunting Scottish sweet shop

A SWEET-TOOTHED ghost has whipped up a storm in a teacup at a village cafe.

The friendly “Casper” likes to move sweet jars and other goodies around the tearoom in the night.

But the playful poltergeist sometimes makes an appearance during the day.

Laura McKirdy and her mum Fiona believe they are being haunted by an old lady dubbed Nanny Goony by folk in Cardross, Dunbartonshire.

Laura said: “I had just locked the door one evening when a jar of lollipops went crashing to the floor.

“I thought I’d just pick them all up in the morning but, when I came back, they were back in the jar and stood upright. Other spooky happen-ings include sweets moving on their own, pictures falling off the wall and crumbs appearing on newly wiped tables.

Read the whole story at: Playful poltergeist Nanny Goony haunting Scottish sweet shop – The Daily Record.

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