The Lion and the Kitten

The following is something I found just browisng around on the net.
Its from a vintage readers digest, and I’ve seen it all over the place the last few weeks, and the photo is by Ernest Reshovsky.

The Lion And The Kitten

The Lioness is named Little Tyke and was born in the zoo at Tacoma, Washington. She became a rancher’s house pet, while nursing a broken leg. She was used to enjoying perfume, flowers, her own bed, a diet of milk and cereal. And most interesting of all, she never touched meat. This definitely accounts for the complacency of her kitten friend.

2 Responses to “The Lion and the Kitten”

  1. Eleanor Jameson says:

    Oh my…. so cute!

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  2. Frankcom says:

    That is one awesome photo! I can’t believe she didn’t even harm the kitten! 😀

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